Our Make Business Thrive programme enables business owners to shape their businesses to deliver to them the lifestyle they crave and the time to enjoy it.

8 week video programme

Video programme showing how to turn your business into a machine that delivers to you the cash and time you need to fulfil your personal objectives.

Comprehensive planning tool

Built in Microsoft Excel, this tool forecasts the performance of your business and calculates the confidence you should have in it delivering the finance and time you require.

Online group coaching

Weekly video conferences to have your questions answered, share progress and successes, and hold each other to account.

Mastermind group

A secret Facebook group that hosts a growing community of like-minded business owners where they  can ask for, receive, and offer advice. 

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Module 1

Set Your Objectives

You will form a compelling answer to the question,

What do you want from your business?

You will:

  1. set your personal lifestyle objectives, and

  2. translate these into objectives for your business.

Module 2

How to Make an Irresistible Offer

You will form a compelling answer to the question,


Why should anyone buy from you? 

You will:

  1. craft your value proposition to differentiate you from your competitors, and

  2. compose the key elements to use throughout all your marketing.

Module 3

How to Grow Your Sales

You will:

  1. quantify the revenue streams you have at present

  2. identify the improvements you can make to increase your sales immediately, and

  3. evaluate the potential for additional revenue latent in your businesses and how to exploit it.

Module 4

How to Improve Your Profitability

You will:

  1. evaluate the spare capacity you have in your business and assess how you may exploit it, and

  2. quantify the opportunities you have to improve efficiency and thus improve your profits.

Module 5

How to Select Your Opportunities

You will have identified numerous opportunities to improve your business revenue and profitability.

Some of these will be clear "quick fixes" that will deliver to you "early wins"; others may take some investment to grasp in full.


You will evaluate these opportunities and set priorities to achieve the best business performance.

Module 6

How to Set Your Plan in Motion

You will translate the opportunities you have decided to pursue into coordinated actions assigned to staff members to enact and for you to lead and manage.

Module 7

How to Drive Success

You will organise your staff and management team to ensure that the business secures the opportunities it is pursuing and thus achieves for you the personal objectives you set in Module 1.

Module 8

How to Improve Continuously

Our intention is that this programme should not be a "One hit wonder" but that you have the skillset and mindset to continue to apply the techniques and tools to tune your business continuously, thereby steadily increasing both sales and profitability, and delivering to you the finance and time that enables you to achieve your personal objectives.

To apply to join our Make Business Thrive programme book a call here.